Dream Rock & Glittering Sadness

Bowling Green, Kentucky



If you wanted to be by yourself

You shoulda told me I'da left you alone

But if you want to keep me on the shelf

And waiting by the telephone



You got it wrong, girl

You got me all wrong, girl

You got it wrong, girl

Oh yeah, you got me wrong


I can remember the night that we met

I thought you were who I'd been dreaming of

Now I've a feeling, I think it's regret

I'm not convinced what I'm feelin' is love



Have I got the wrong girl

Oh, did I get it wrong, girl

Have I got the wrong girl

Oh, did I get it wrong

(Bridge I)

Tell me if I should move on

Tell me if I got it wrong


'Cause I'm not the one who will sit idly by

Wait and wonder what I've done wrong

I'm going somewhere and I'm leaving real soon

And if you'd like to, well, you could come along



But I gotta know girl

Are you gonna show girl

I gotta know girl

If you wanna go

Do you wanna go

(Bridge II)

If you wanna go

Honey, if you wanna go

You just gotta let me know